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1 day ago
Do you have a property to rent - the link below provides more details around what we can offer. https://www.nuneatonandbedworth.gov.uk/info/21011/private_landlords/275/advertising_properties_to_rent
  • 4 days ago
    Our Elkin wardrobes are the epitome of contemporary style with its striking smooth gloss finish. wardrobe.boss' lovely client chose this elegant range in their new bedroom space in the oh-so-stylish Mushroom colour.⁣ ⁣ To create a look like this in your home, book your free home design visit now at the #linkinbio
  • 9 hours ago
    We're proud to present a commemorative collection of stamps and collectibles honouring the life and work of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Explore the collection: bit.ly/doe-stamps The stamps will be available on general sale from 24 June 2021.
  • 11 hours ago
    We’re still pinching ourselves that Brentford’s baddest crew are on our airwaves. From Monday 17th... Keep it locked to #SubwayxKuruptFM with kuruptfm. #SubwayxKuruptFM
  • 2 days ago
    Lovey new plants arrived in our shop today, #houseplants #fladburyflowers #pershore #curcuma #magicbells #luckybells #mandavilla #dumbcaneplant come take a look and treat yourself
  • 1 day ago
    Getting a #holiday is high on the agenda for many people...✈️ Whether you’re holding for a #trip abroad or holidaying closer to #home – booking a good #petsitter for your pet should be part of the planning process... Visit our website to read our advice 🗨️
  • 7 hours ago
    John, 64, suffered in silence for two years after building up debt of £26,000 on credit cards and loans. He eventually called The Salvation Army’s Debt Advice Service who helped him come up with a repayment plan and he felt like his life was back under control. . “The Salvation Army Debt Advice Service set me up with a financial payment plan,” he says, “They looked at what I was paying off and found with one credit card I was actually paying off more than I should have been. They were wonderful, they set everything up for me.” . But when the pandemic later hit, John lost his job as a taxi driver and his income dropped to zero so he could no longer keep to the repayment plan. Finding himself in a dark place, John sought help from the Debt Advice Service again and was advised to file for bankruptcy, leaving him debt free. . “Although the future is uncertain, I have a home, I have my health and a wonderful partner. I have friends that have lost businesses and their homes during the pandemic, so I count myself very lucky…my debts are gone so I don’t have that hanging over me. I don’t owe anyone a penny and I intend for it to stay that way. . “I would advise anyone facing a similar situation to go straight to The Salvation Army. Don’t suffer in silence like I did for a couple of years or maybe more…The Salvation Army saved my life. I can’t put a price on what they’ve done for me. There were dark times when I thought ‘I can see where suicide comes from’. I could have been heading down that road. I was staring into a big black abyss with no light at the end of the tunnel until The Salvation Army got involved and then it was like a big bright light with no black.” . We would urge anyone who is struggling financially to follow John’s advice to reach out for support. Find out more information about our Debt Advice service by visiting our website. . . . #thesalvationarmy #salvationarmyuk #sallyarmy #sallyarmypeople #salvationarmy #faith #faithinaction #beliefinaction #notforprofit #debt #debtfree #MentalHealthAwareness #debtfreejourney #budgetadvice #budget #budgeting #pandemicpoverty #nonprofit #MHAW #charity #thursdaymotivation #community #thursdaythoughts #MHAW21
  • 8 hours ago
    Have you been wanting to get back into exercising but are worried there isn't enough time in the day? 🤔 This #mentalhealthawarenessweek, we want to show you that there are many ways you can fit exercise into your day 💚 Our physical health and our mental health go hand in hand together. Think of it like adding fruit to your breakfast bowl, it tastes better right? 🤤 So whilst doing your everyday, mundane task, challenge yourself to see many exercises you can do in the time it takes to complete the task! 🤩 What other exercises would you pair with an everyday task? 👇 #hollandandbarrett #exercise #physicalexercise #mentalexercise #exercise #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #feelgoodfriday #throwbackthursday
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